Webinar JEO Review and Bonus

Product name: Webinar JEO Complete Webinar Software
Product creator: Walt Bayliss
Front-end price: $197
Website: http://webinarjeo.com (January 21st, 2016)
The verdict: 100% Badass - Really powerful marketing tool


Thank you for spending time checking this "Webinar Jeo Review". You know, to create a webinar today is not so difficult because there are dozens of webinar softwares that can help you build a webinar system just in minutes. However, getting a right webinar software is not as easy because not many softwares could include all the needed features and functions that we want. And we also cannot check one by one to know which one is good or bad. That takes time and money. In this review paper I would like to introduce you to Webinar Jeo by Walt Bayliss - one webinar software that is viewed as the most complete webinar at this time.

So What is Webinar Jeo is all about?

You can check out this DEMO video below to see what it is really like, but obviously this webinar software has easy to use features and webinar cover from start to finish. There are a variety of options for you to set up as you like.

Click to have a quick look through Webinar Jeo
This demo video may be quick to fully understand, but I can wrap up as below:

With "Webinar Jeo" you can

  • Set up a webinar in different time zones and format
  • Record a webinar if you want
  • Send out a link to access new webinars to preivous attendee just by copy and paste

  • Design your own registraion with pre-designed templates

  • Start and share you webinar presentation symply with "go live and green share" button.

  • Switch between presentaiona and webcam easily

  • Make another attendee a presenter easily

  • Solve noise and disctractions with mute function button

  • Illustrate your ideas in white board so that the audience engage and understand what is presented

  • Chat box to send group massage or private massage

  • Run Ever green webinar to upload pre-recoreded webinars and have a watch it now or on demand feature as well as schedule the webinar to be played at a certain time

  • Webinar Jeo also has a webinar countdown feature alerting attendees when the webinar is on frem the time they register.

  • Webinar Jeo also has other media options like quizzes and buy buttons that you can schedule to show up at set time times through the webinar. These feature will get audience intelligence and stimulate sales.

These outstanding features may explain why Webinar Jeo is one of the most complete webinar software at this time. And I myself recommend that if you are finding a webinar to make money with your ideas and build your own business, this is the RIGHT webinar for you.

Webinar Jeo Review and Conclusion

In honesty, I will still say that there are many webinar softwares out there that can helps you build a webinar quickly and easily, but to choose a webinar software that is the most complete, has the most needed features, functions and optimizations, I truly recommend you choose Webinar Jeo. Now I Hope you will soon get a right webinar software for yourself. Thank you for reading, this Webinar Jeo review. You can click here to get Webinar Jeo at special discount and to get FREE Bonus. See bonus here.